Yukashi Yuusha no Fukushuutan

Yukashi Yuusha no Fukushuutan

Alternative: The Tale of the Teapot Hero's Revenge ; The Tale of the Teapot Hero's Revenge ~Although a Hero Was Only Capable of Boiling Water, That Was Enough to Kill All of Those Who Stole Everything from Her~ ; 湯沸かし勇者の復讐譚〜水をお湯にすることしか出来ない勇者だけど、全てを奪ったお前らを殺すにはこいつで十分だ〜
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Author(s): Nonb
Genre: Shoujo ai, Gore, Action, Adaptation, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Tragedy,
Status: Ongoing

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A Hero is someone chosen by God to receive a supernatural 'gift'. A unique existence, only one Hero can exist at a time, with a new one being chosen upon the former's death. This generation's Hero is a ordinary villager girl named Kyrie whose gift is merely being able to boil water. When her family and friends are slaughtered, Kyrie is backed into a corner and learns the true value of that boiling hot power, and how well it could be used to fan the flames of revenge that burned inside of her.

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